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Outdoor Home Entertainment Systems in Atlanta, Griffin, Marietta, McDonough, Newnan, Fayetteville, GA

Outdoor Entertainment is now more popular than ever. Relax with friends and watch the game on your outdoor TV on the patio or by the pool. Outdoor surround sound from our discreetly installed audio system fills the yard with music or the sound from the game.
Imagine relaxing with the family in your new outdoor theater with 100 inch outdoor screen… Yes, we do that..

Outdoor entertainment can be a great way to relax. Why leave it indoors? We have great solutions for you like our SEURA flat-screen installation above your outdoor fireplace, on the patio or even close to your pool. In-ground subwoofers and weatherproof speakers bring the same quality of sound and life from the living room to the great outdoors. All of this can be easy to use with the right control system. Take a look at our “Making it EASY to use” page for more info.

seura TV

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We have an entertainment package that brings your sound and video outside. Let’s get you started enjoying the outdoors even more!

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Finally, an outdoor TV that actually looks good and has a great picture. The Seura Storm simply can’t be beat with true weatherproof technology. This TV can sit in in the elements and still deliver an incredible 1080p picture. The Storm TV incorporates a special o-ring sealing system that makes it truly weatherproof. The Luminoptics Technology makes the screen anti-reflective and very bright in the sunlight, as well as safe from breaks from outdoor flying toys. Proudly constructed in the USA with the latest Extira and Starboard Materials for the best in outdoor performance. This 1080p High Definition TV withstands temperatures from -30 to 140 degrees and comes in 42”, 47” and 55”.


Tips for a better experience

We want your outdoor entertainment system to be a success. A few things to think about for a great experience are what sources of music and video do you want to watch? We can do a lot of neat things like have your ipod music come up on your outdoor TV so you can view and control your music collection while it is playing over your discreetly hidden speakers. We can also feed any of the video sources from your media room or family room to your outdoor TV like BluRay, cable or satellite, Roku or movie server. You can control all of this with simple icons on your ipad or other mobile device. We even have waterproof remote controls from!

  • Remember, outdoor entertainment will typically require some wiring to accomplish. Your High Def TV, audio, and control system will need professional wiring by our custom installation department . Conduit burial in your landscaping may be required to install your outdoor audio and video as well. If your home is already finished, fear not. With over thirty years of experience our Custom Installation Team has seen it all. We have retrofit wired some of the largest homes in the South and can assuredly handle yours.
  • For larger outdoor installations remember you probably want to distribute the sound around the desired area with more speakers to deliver full sound for everyone without having to turn the volume up too high.
  • Never forget that internet and wifi are an integral part of home entertainment with today’s latest systems. Ipads, tablets, TVs, remote controls, and your sources will need a fast signal. Our “Family Technology Therapist” will explain your options and get you setup with a powerful wifi and hardwired network from our networking partner Ubiquity.
  • Interested in an outdoor High fidelity 5.1 SACD or DVD-A system? We do that, just give is a call.