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Sonos Home Audio System & Theater Installation – Atlanta, Newnan, Peachtree City, Marietta, Griffin, Mcdonough, Fayetteville, GA

It really is all about the music for us … sure, we can install a state of the art theater for you with sound and video that will blow you away. And yes, we can create an incredible atmosphere in your home with the right lighting control from your iPad. But these things just don’t hit you in the soul quite like music can.


Nothing gives us joy like seeing our client’s faces when we have just reconnected them with their music and sent them off to that wonderful place that it takes them to.  Now, let’s get you there …

How do you roll? I-tunes? Have a large CD collection you want to easily access? Maybe streaming music is your schtick. Love vinyl? So do we. We can set up a solution for you to bring it all together and make it easy to use … let’s keep this simple.

We have solutions to fit your favorite music into your home with warm, crystal clear sound that is heard and not seen – from systems that come in all shapes and sizes.


Multi-room music or “whole house audio” refers to installing music throughout your home. The most popular rooms are the Kitchen, Family room, Dining Room, Office, Master Bedroom, and Master Bathroom.



Outdoor music is always popular as our clients love to install speakers on the back deck. These typically come in black or white and we will consult your color scheme or interior designer depending on the project. These systems are often wired and we will usually either pre-wire your home during the construction phase or we can professionally retrofit the wiring through your drywall. Our installation team has a combined 50 years of experience in retrofit wiring homes and can handle any wiring challenge. You would be amazed at what these guys can do. For the rooms that can’t be wired we have incredible sounding wireless solutions as well!






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SONOS Everywhere!

You can now get SONOS music playing throughout your home on our in-ceiling or in-wall audio system. No ugly speakers to look at. We will custom wire four rooms with built-in Martin Logan 6.5” speakers and in-wall volume controls. A Sonos connect and amplifier will sit in your equipment cabinet out of sight. This is a great system for clients that want their music to be heard and not seen!  Only $1,995.00 Installed!


Featured Product

SONOS has changed the game and we are glad that they did. Now a world of music is at your fingertips on your mobile app streaming to your wireless SONOS speakers. The Sonos wireless speakers are great for homes that are not pre-wired. We can pipe sound through your theater, media room or whole house audio system for the ultimate seamless music experience!

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Tips for a better experience

Part of our job is to help you understand what is available, how stuff works and what will be a good fit for you. Here is a little more information for you about getting music everywhere in your home. Take a look, and then email or call us for more info!

  • MULTIZONE AUDIO – This refers to a system in which separate sources of music can be enjoyed in different areas of your home. For instance, you may want to listen to a Pandora station in the kitchen while cooking, and your partner may enjoy your digital music collection like iTunes in the den while you both have internet radio or FM playing out on the deck.
  • CONTROL – Remember, the most important aspect of any good audio or entertainment system is that it is easy to use. We can custom program one of our Simplicity remotes or an iPad / tablet / Smartphone app to make your audio system do what you want at the touch of one or a few buttons.
  • DIGITAL MEDIA – We have solutions to combine all of your music together on one media server that can be easily accessed from the internet or your iPad. Ask us for some details.
  • SPEAKERS- Every day we work with interior designers, builders, and homeowners to specify all types of custom speaker solutions. Often we install what is called “Architectural Audio” or speakers built into the walls or ceilings. These are an excellent compromise between performance and aesthetics. We can even enhance the walls with acoustic materials to improve the sound considering that the wall or ceiling cavity just became the speaker box. Remember, your standard in-wall or ceiling speaker overall will not sound as good as a manufactured bookshelf or tower speaker of the same class. This is simply due to the nature of the box built around the speaker. A wall or ceiling is simply a compromise in this aspect… but have no fear. We have speakers with built in boxes and ,of course, we can incorporate hi-fi audio with box speakers from some of our excellent brands to give you the ultimate sound experience you are looking for. How about hiding sound inside a painting or even behind the drywall (our Interior Designers love this one). We also have in-floor subwoofers from partners like Polk and others that will fill an area with bass and complete the sound for a better listening experience. Where wiring doesn’t make sense we have incredible wireless music solutions as well.
  • CUSTOM INSTALLATION- We are custom installers with 20 years of experience in custom wiring of homes. We have the wiring expertise to deliver a stellar installation and the technical know- how to keep you plugged into the latest technology. We respect your home and understand that while we are there we are professionals that are trusted to care for the integrity and aesthetics, and we treat it as such!
  • OUTDOOR- Outdoor music enjoyment is very popular. Bring the tunes you love out onto the patio, or into the pool. Please see our outdoor music page!


We represent and select some of the best brands in the business that will provide the best solutions for our clients.




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