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Last week we promised to bring you a series on Home Automation, and we are here to deliver. Today, we want to begin with…  Lighting!!!

As an early adopter of lighting control systems we’ve become familiar with the phrase, “once you live with it, you’ll never live without it.” The advantages of this technology are difficult to explain, but they become a no-brainer once experienced.  While simplified operation can be easily understood and demonstrated, it’s the effect that balanced light has on people and their environment that gets much tougher to verbally illuminate.

There are numerous studies that describe the effect of lighting on productivity, mood, and aesthetic beauty; however, unless you have employed the skills of a lighting designer you may not be familiar with the practical application of focusing and balancing light to accentuate your surroundings. In reality, all you need is a thoughtful plan, the ability to adjust brightness (dimming), and an easy to use control system that allows the specific adjustment of each light fixture. When these elements are combined you are destined for success!

We’ve found most people are very sensitive to their lighted surroundings but might not recognize that certain applications are not pleasing. Once pointed out, they immediately understand the effect and can do something about it. For example, overhead direct lighting can cause someone discomfort without realizing it, while indirect lighting can be calming, enhance architecture, and create ambiance.

Now that we’ve discussed ambiance, there are also the more practical benefits of employing lighting control. By eliminating the need for multiple switches (replaced by one multi-functional keypad) you improve aesthetics. By dimming lights, even slightly, you reduce energy usage and extend bulb life significantly. By automating function and creating lighting scenes you simplify the process of turning on, turning off, and adjusting lighting levels for various stages like task lighting in the kitchen during food preparation, and only require a one touch transition into a beautifully lit scene out of Better Homes and Gardens.  Finally, there is the all time favorite command…  ALL OFF.

Your imagination is truly the limit when it comes to lighting design and control, and its one of those areas in life where art and science harmoniously blend to create an outcome much greater than the sum of its parts.

Our team at Atlanta Entertainment Systems strives to bring beautiful simplicity to our customers’ daily lives.  Join us next week as we cover more control at the touch of a button!