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The Lee Theater contained all of the ingredients that audio-video integration companies love to include in our work… enthusiastic clients, a realistic budget, and the request to provide a better-than-commercial theater experience in their dedicated room.

The AES Team did a thorough analysis of the space. We brought in our experience and passion to create a lighted riser for the second row of seating, appropriate sconce lighting locations, and a soffit designed to conceal black lighting to enhance the incredible Lee Bevins hand painted Night Sky Mural.

Once the ambiance was ensured, it was time to bring in the performance. We utilized the proven tandem of Sony front projection and Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen technology to deliver an astonishing 120” diagonal high definition image. Incredible products such as Monitor Audio’s Silver Series speakers and dual SVS subwoofers are driven by Marantz’s muscle and processing. These were configured to create a Dolby Atmos 13 channel sound system that transports you into the story with moving audio that flows all around you through breathtaking realism.

When all is said and done, we gauge our outcome by our client’s response. Judging by the Lee’s excitement…  we nailed it.

“Atlanta Entertainment Systems, you guys are wonderful.  My home theater is about as good as it gets.  It is absolutely beautiful, and the sound is better than any movie theater I’ve ever been in. It has become the main attraction of my house.  Best of all, the cost is very reasonable.  Thank you guys.  Job well done!!!!”  – B. Lee

It truly blows away any commercial movie experience!

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