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Burford Testimonial on Whole Home Audio Systems in Newnan, Griffin, McDonough, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Marietta,GA

This was an exciting project from the beginning. The Burfords Already had a home theatre and whole house audio system but wanted to build upon the system to make it more aesthetic and more importantly, easy to use. What we came up with were a few solutions that made a big difference and our client very happy!

Burford Acoustic treatment


First, in the theatre we improved the sound by installing acoustical panels. These panels stopped the echo effect in the room and really cleared up the sound coming from the five speakers in the room. Next we took the client’s messy rack of equipment in the closet and built a custom finished rack into the closet wall with access to the back of the components in an adjacent utility room. The system was not very easy to use when we got there so we set up a new touchscreen universal remote control to make the system very easy to use. Now with the touch of one button the system comes on, the lights dim and the entertainment starts.

Burford Theater 1 Burford theater Rack Burford Thetaer rear


Previously the client had to run inside from the pool to turn on or change the pool music system. We custom programmed a waterproof remote control from RTI that controls the inside equipment all the way from the back yard! The client does not have to worry about dropping the remote in the pool or leaving it out in the rain. We have been very impressed with RTI’s reliability and performance and this project just reinforced that for us!

Burford Otdoor speakers Burford outdoor audio waterproof remote control Burford outdoor speakers 2 Burford pool remote


In this room the customer had an existing 5.1 surround sound and whole house audio system all housed in their cabinets.The wiring inside the cabinets was at best a birds nest and as many of our clients know, this can make it nearly impossible to work on the system due to cables being too short or coming unplugged. Our solution was to install two custom pull out, swiveling racks to house the components. As you can see in the picture the wiring is laced onto the back of the rack for complete organization and easier, less expensive servicing.

Burford Pull out rack 2 Burford Pull out rack 3 Burford rotating audio Rack


Products used: Middle Atlantic Slim 5 rack and SRSR racks, Universal Remote mx-5000, Acoustical solutions panels, Replay music server, Marantz SR8003 Home theater receiver, RTI U1 waterproof remote and RF accessories, miscellaneous cables and connectors.