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Basement Solutions

Basement & Home Theater Installation Experts  Servicing Atlanta, Griffin, McDonough, Fayetteville, Marietta, Peachtree City

When it is time to finish your basement it is time to call AES. We are experts at designing the most enjoyable and easy to use entertainment systems throughout the southeast. Once you are ready for the best state of the art entertainment for your budget then give us a call.

From pre-construction drawings and wiring to the final installation and training on the system, we leave no detail untouched. A home theater or media room will typically be the centerpiece of the entertainment area with music and video at the bar, in the den, the gym, patio, and other areas. We specialize in the latest products to deliver you warm, rich music and crystal clear video with easy control at your finger tips.

Imagine coming down to your basement and with the press of a button on your in-wall ipad… your favorite music starts to play while the game begins on the beautifully calibrated TVs at the bar, in the Den, and in the billiards area. Next, your lights adjust to create a relaxing atmosphere that you and your friends will enjoy all evening. You can set your kids up in the theater and with the press of one button the theater turns on and the movie starts to play while the lights dim.

Many homeowners today forego a dedicated theater room and let us transform their basement, den, or sitting area into a relaxing room with a sound and movie experience that rivals any home or commercial theater down the street. This is entertainment at it’s finest and we do it for Atlanta’s discerning homeowners every day.

Rustic Basement

Special Package Offer

This Media Room Package may be the perfect fit for your new basement!

This popular media room package includes:
1- 64” Samsung LED TV installed
1- 7.1 in ceiling speaker system and sub
1- 7.1 Yamaha surround sound receiver
1- Samsung Buray with wifi and Netflix
1- Panamax surge protector
1- Remote control system for your IPAD
1- Professional Wiring, Installation and programming

Professionally installed and programmed for $8,950.00

Mention this offer and we will install an additional ipad dock in your wall to control your basement entertainment system at no charge!

Featured Product

In-wall Ipad dock

Featured Product

You can have sound and video all over your basement, but if it’s not easy to use then it is just plain frustrating! An ipad docked in a central entertaining area of your basement gives you guaranteed, simple control of all of your home system options and it won’t get lost. We can program your ipad, whether in wall, or not, to control your audio system, media room, lighting, temperature, shades, alarm, and view your security cameras with just the touch of a button.

Tips for a better experience

  1. The first thing you want to do is wire as much of your basement and upper floors as you can afford for the entertainment options you want not only now, but also in the future. In the basement you will want to have your low-voltage expert wire for Audio/Video, home theater, security, and networking. Try to plan ahead for any future wireless access points, potential camera locations, touch panel locations and even lighting control as sometimes wired lighting control can be best. Don’t forget upstairs! You may want many of these technologies on the main floor now, or in the future, so talk to our expert about future-proofing your home while the ceiling is still open. Will you be installing a pool in the back yard? If so, you will want to go ahead and wire for that too!
  2. Basements can be an exciting place to entertain. Our home entertainment specialists can help you lay out your basement and different entertaining rooms like the media room, game room, and theater. Theaters and media rooms actually sound better when designed with a certain width to length ratio that you will want to take advantage of. Just ask us!
  3. Sound proofing- you may want to keep the basement sound from disturbing you upstairs and the sound upstairs sound from disturbing you in your new basement. We can help you with the different options of soundproofing for a peaceful entertaining experience.
  4. Let’s not forget the music! You will want music in select entertaining areas of your basement like at the bar, in the gym, the sauna, and on the patio. You have many options and want to plan a few things like… do you have a music collection that you want to easily access or do you stream music? How do you want to access your music, say from your iphone, ipad or tablet? How will you control your basement music system? We can help you sort through the control options like remote controls or tablets, and also, through different speaker options like in-wall, in ceiling, stealth and high-end two channel.
  5. A lot of our clients enjoy high definition video throughout the basement. The bar and billiards are popular as well as gyms, patios, and of course. the media room. Today you have the option of placing your cable boxes and other video sources like Apple TV out of sight in a central control room or in the media room where all of your TVs can share these video sources. This is super convenient and easy to do, it just takes a little planning with one of our experts.