Service South supplies and install low voltage systems throughout Atlanta, Fayetteville GA, Griffin GA, Marietta, McDonough and Newnan GA. Typical examples of low voltage systems include lighting, home entertainment systems and home automation systems. 

Low Voltage, Marietta, Atlanta, McDonough

Low voltage systems are safer to use than high voltage systems. The also draw less current which saves you money on electricity bills.  Line voltage comes in at 120 volts. Low voltage systems usually operate at between 12 and 24 volts.  A transformed is used to lower line voltage. 

Residential low voltage find application in lighting, cabling, home theatre systems, audio sound systems, games rooms, home security systems and home automation systems. Service South specializes in low voltage applications and they can help you with residential as well as commercial projects. 

Residential low voltage systems include wiring, wireless applications, internet connections, state-of-art home theater systems, intrusion alarms, CCTV cameras, multi-zone audio, outdoor entertainment systems, lighting and remote control. Lighting is a good example of a potential low voltage application. There are many benefits to low voltage lighting. These include safety, energy savings, centralized control, pilot lights and convenience. 

Low voltage wiring systems help to make modern living easier, safer and more convenient. With home automation you have added flexibility and more control over the devices in your home. Low voltage wiring systems use relays to switch current. Since low voltage applications use less current, you save money on electrical bills. Low voltage systems are eco-friendly which means you are also doing your bit for the environment. 

Low voltage systems are safer and offers greater security and control.  For example you can have remote control over lights. This means you can switch lights on as you approach your home, or you can illuminate an area of your home without needing to be in that area.