Service South specialises in low voltage home entertainment systems. They can help you with a home theater, a multimedia games room, all home sound and more. They design and install low voltage home entertainment systems throughout Atlanta, Buckhead GA, Fayetteville GA, Marietta, McDonough and Newnan GA. 


Low voltage systems include home theater, home audio, home automation, lighting, wi-fi optimisation, security systems and smart home products and solutions. Low voltage systems use less electrical current which translates into energy savings.  Low voltage systems are also safer than line voltage systems. 


Line voltage is the standard voltage of 120 volts.  This is the voltage found in outlets and junction boxes in the United States.  Low-voltage typically uses 12 or 24 volts and requires a transformer to lower the line voltage. 


Low voltage finds application in cabling, entertainments systems, lighting, security systems and more. Home automation is a good example of low voltage solutions. With home automation you can control many things in your home including lighting, security systems and entertainment systems.  You can do and control things remotely, even when you are away from home. You can turn lights on and off, control door locks, view security cameras, adjust your music and more. 


Service South can help you with low voltage applications such as  


  • Equipment installation and wiring 
  • Wireless applications 
  • High tech home entertainment systems 
  • Multi-zone audio 
  • Outdoor sound 
  • Security and surveillance systems 
  • Home automation 

Now is a good time to start planning your next low voltage project. Service South is ready to help with your next project, be it a home theater, custom lighting, a multi-media games room, multi-zone audio, home security or home automation. 

If you want low voltage home entertainment and life systems in Atlanta an GA, Service South can help.