Your search for a company that can provide you with low voltage home theatre systems will end with us at Service South. We specialize in different forms of home theatre systems having lower voltage. We are a one-stop destination for all your home theatre solutions. Our specialty is that we can install your device as per your satisfaction. We are a licensed company and can install as well as service every form of systems in and around Atlanta, Fayetteville, GA, Griffin GA, Marietta, McDonough and Peachtree City. 

The Benefits of Choosing a Low Voltage Home Theatre System 

When you buy our low voltage home theatre systems, you can enjoy the following benefits namely, 

  • It will use less electrical energy which will help you to save a lot of cash on your insurance and electrical bills. Low voltage means less energy consumption. Our systems will help in conserving energy which means you can enjoy an environmentally friendly residence.  
  • Updating the parts of our low voltage systems is indeed easy. We continue to manufacture parts for our low voltage line which means you can update the old parts with a new one that will offer you with greater flexibility.  
  • We provide a yearly maintenance plan for ensuring that your system lasts for years. 

Our low voltage wiring has been made keeping the contemporary living in mind which in turn will offer you added flexibility as well as control when it comes to your home’s functionality. The end result will be less energy consumption and safer electrical wiring. Our staff is highly experienced and undergo training from time to time to keep at par with the latest industry trends and help you in the best possible way. We are extremely prompt and sincere in our services and our customer testimonials are enough proof of it. To know more speak to our team of experts by dialing 770-744-5373. Hurry, reach us now and enjoy a host benefits.