Home automation puts your home on auto pilot


Home automation goes beyond a few separate devices doing some automated tasks. Home automation is about control, lifestyle, security and convenience. It you want real home automation in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Griffin GA, Marietta, Newnan GA or Peachtree City, then Service South can help. They are home automation specialists and they understand the importance of home entertainment, security and lifestyle.

To understand home automation, it helps to consider some examples.  Maybe you have an alarm clock and it set to wake you up at a certain time.  That is a form of automation. Now let’s take it a few steps further. When you alarm goes off the light slowly come on, the heater starts to warm your room, the news channel springs to life and the coffee starts to brew. Maybe at the same time the lights in the kid’s room comes on. Now we are talking home automation.  Let’s consider another example. You arrive home and as drive in, the light in the garage come on, the temperature inside your home adjusts, your garage door opens and your security system disarms.

Home automation is about control, convenience, safety, entertainment and lifestyle. It helps to make things better and easier. Home automaton also saves you money by switching off devices when not needed and adjusting and fine tuning them when they are needed. Home automation is the integration of various electronic and digital devices in such as a way that you can control them for a smartphone or control station. This means you can control temperature, light, sound, alarms, access, irrigation and more from the palm of your hand. You can effectively put your home on auto-pilot. You can even monitor and adjust settings when you are away from home.

Service South can advise you regarding home automation solutions for your home in in Atlanta, Fayetteville, Griffin GA, Marietta, Newnan GA or Peachtree City.

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