We love our backyards.  They become playgrounds… private sanctuaries… bbq headquarters… “Olympic” swimming competitions… and entertainment meccas.  We could go on and on.  That’s the point!  People often buy a new home based largely on the backyard’s potential.

Up until recently, options for residential outdoor entertainment was limited to some mountable speaker boxes or phony-looking rocks designed to withstand harsh weather conditions first, and reproduce music second.  Times have changed!  Sonance, a time-tested American manufacturer, has brought us their Landscape Series product line and ushered in a level of audio performance never before heard in the backyard.  This is innovation at it’s best!


Why is it different and better?

  • Their basic SR1 system delivers amazing sound quality and volume levels that are perfectly even throughout areas of up to 2000 square feet.

What does this mean to you?

  • All music is very well balanced like a high end in-home system, and the “even volume” means all areas are blanketed with seamless coverage. There is no more sitting too close, or too far away, and you can effectively adjust the music at comfortable levels and feel the full impact at the same time.
  • Another benefit of their design is that the controlled sound dispersion doesn’t spill into unwanted areas, including your neighbor’s sanctuary!
  • And the final kicker is it is almost invisible, hidden under plants, while crystal clear music seemingly emanates from the foliage, creating a whole new level of atmosphere and ambience to backyard entertaining or rejuvenating meditation!

It’s almost impossible to effectively describe how great this system sounds. You have to experience it to believe it. And let’s face it, hearing it in a showroom or other venue doesn’t really tell you what it would be like in your backyard.

What to do…?

Atlanta Entertainment Systems is so confident that you’ll be impressed, we’ll bring one out and give you a live demo… with your music… in your very own backyard!  The quick demo takes 15 minutes to set up, and not much longer for you to fall in love.  The only question you will have left is how quickly can we install this beauty and make it permanently yours!